Dark Hollow

A small forest dwelling. It's dark and damp and secretly run by hags.

Welcome to Dark Hollow, a small forest dwelling shrouded in darkness and mystery. Rumors abound of its secret rulers, the hags who hold sway over the village.


Surrounded by dense, ancient forests, Dark Hollow is a secluded and foreboding place. The trees loom overhead like silent sentinels, their twisted branches reaching out like grasping fingers. The village is built around a central pond, its waters murky and still, reflecting the gloomy sky above. The air is heavy with the scent of damp earth and decaying leaves, and strange, phosphorescent fungi glow dimly in the underbrush.


Dark Hollow has always been a place of dark enchantment, its origins lost to time. The hags have ruled over the village for generations, their influence growing stronger with each passing year. Many have tried to challenge their power, but none have succeeded, and the villagers have learned to coexist with their enigmatic overlords.

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The Shadowed Haven, Hag's Hollow

Government Type

Secret Hags

Ruler Type

Mysterious Hags


Hag Coven


Rare herbs and potions, Exotic spell components


Magical artifacts, Enchanted trinkets


Dark Hollow was once a thriving community of woodcutters and hunters, living in harmony with the ancient forest. However, when the hags arrived, everything changed. The villagers were lured into dark pacts with promises of power and protection, but at a terrible cost. The hags twisted the natural magic of the forest to serve their own dark purposes, corrupting the land and its inhabitants. Those who resisted were cursed, driven mad, or simply disappeared without a trace. Over time, the village became a place of fear and despair, its once vibrant heart now shrouded in darkness.

Key Events (4 of 10)

  • The Curse of Eternal Night (100 years ago)
  • The Awakening of the Forest Guardian (50 years ago)
  • The Liberation of Dark Hollow (20 years ago)
  • The Unveiling of the Hag's Secret (5 years ago, Every 10 years)
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