A bustling port town with a notorious reputation for piracy and smuggling, attracting thrill-seekers and adventurers from all corners of the realm.

Welcome to Harbor, a bustling port town known for its notorious reputation for piracy and smuggling. Thrill-seekers and adventurers are drawn to this lively settlement, seeking excitement and danger in equal measure.


Surrounded by treacherous cliffs and hidden coves, Harbor is a haven for smugglers and pirates, offering shelter and anonymity to those who seek it. The town's strategic location at the edge of the known world makes it a prime destination for daring adventurers and treasure hunters, eager to explore uncharted waters and uncover hidden riches.


Founded by a band of renegade sailors and outcasts, Harbor has a long history of defiance against authority and a thriving black market trade. The pirate lord who rules over the town is a legendary figure, feared and respected by all who dare to cross his path.

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The Smuggler's Haven, Pirate's Paradise

Government Type

Pirate Lordship

Ruler Type

Pirate Lord


Hidden Coves and Lookouts


Rum, Exotic Spices


Stolen Treasures, Contraband Goods


Harbor's history is a tale of rebellion and defiance, as the town was founded by a band of renegade sailors and outcasts who sought refuge from the oppressive rule of the mainland. These daring individuals established Harbor as a sanctuary for those who longed for freedom from the constraints of society. Over time, the town grew into a thriving hub of illicit trade and clandestine activities, drawing the attention of pirates, smugglers, and adventurers alike. The pirate lord who rules over Harbor is a legendary figure, known for his cunning and ruthlessness in the pursuit of wealth and power. Despite its reputation as a den of lawlessness, Harbor has managed to maintain a delicate balance between chaos and order, with its inhabitants fiercely protective of their autonomy and way of life.

Key Events (2 of 5)

  • The Pirate Festival (15 years ago, Every 5 years)
  • The Ghost Ship Sighting (10 years ago)
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