Olra, once a thriving town, now lies in ruins, home to a cunning goblin tribe that has repurposed the devastation.

Olra, pronounced OHL-rah, is a testament to resilience. Once ravaged by a dragon's fury, it now thrives under the rule of a goblin tribe. Adventurers flock here seeking ancient treasures among the ruins and to witness the goblins' unique society.


Surrounded by rolling hills, Olra's geography made it an ideal trading post before its fall. To the north, a dense forest provides cover and resources for the goblin inhabitants. A nearby river, once the lifeblood of commerce, now serves as a natural barrier and source of fish for the tribe.


Olra was once a bustling trade hub, known for its skilled artisans and strategic location. Disaster struck when a dragon, drawn by the town's wealth, laid waste to everything in its path. In the aftermath, a resourceful goblin tribe claimed the ruins, transforming them into a stronghold of their own.

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The Goblin's Haven, Dragon's Fall

Government Type

Tribal Chiefdom

Ruler Type

Goblin Chieftain


Makeshift fortifications, traps, and goblin raiders


Weapons, Tools, Cloth


Scavenged Relics, Crafted Trinkets, Herbs


Olra's history is a tapestry of prosperity and tragedy. Founded centuries ago by pioneers from distant lands, the town quickly grew into a bustling center of trade and craftsmanship. Its markets were famous for exotic goods, and its artisans were renowned for their exquisite creations. The town's strategic location at the crossroads of important trade routes contributed to its wealth and diversity, attracting merchants and travelers from all corners of the realm.

The turning point came when a dragon, attracted by tales of Olra's riches, descended from the mountains with a fury that turned day into night. Fire rained from the sky, buildings crumbled, and the once vibrant streets were filled with chaos and despair. The dragon's assault left little but ashes and memories in its wake. In the aftermath, the survivors fled, leaving behind their beloved town to the ravages of time.

It wasn't long before a goblin tribe, known as the Skarzak Clan, discovered the ruins. Led by the cunning Chieftain Grax, the goblins saw opportunity amidst the destruction. They established their new home within the broken walls of Olra, fortifying the remains and claiming the desolation as their own. The goblins, being scavengers and survivors, thrived in this environment, repurposing the debris to create a settlement that was uniquely theirs.

Under Chieftain Grax's rule, the goblins of Olra have become more than mere scavengers; they've become warriors and traders in their own right. The dragon's attack, while devastating, inadvertently gave birth to a new power in the region. Now, the goblins of Olra are a force to be reckoned with, and rumors say that they've even found a way to harness some of the residual magic left behind by the dragon's fiery breath.

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  • The Dragon's Fury (10 years ago)
  • The Rise of the Goblin Tribe (9 years ago)
  • The Market of Oddities (7 years ago, Monthly)
  • The Festival of Flames (5 years ago, Annually)
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